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What we do?

We work with the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Trans Union and Experian to remove or correct any item on your credit report that may be negatively affecting you. These items can be credit items such as bankruptcies, tax liens, charge-offs, collection account, medical bills, repossessions, foreclosure, student loans and accounts you were late on. We also work on removing old and incorrect addresses, social security numbers, employment information, names as well as inquiries.

Why choose us?

We help repair.

Whether you want to recover your credit or rebuild it from the ground up we’ve got what you need! We handle things with the creditors and collection agencies so you don’t have to worry! Its as easy as 1, 2, 3! We have some very simple and concise steps to go through with you and then you can leave the rest to us.

We educate.

Knowledge is Power Learn How to Make the Rules Work for You! Credit can be complicated but we make it simple!

We teach how to maintain.

Once you discover the keys to a high credit score the doors of opportunity will be open for you! We can not only teach you all the ways to expand your credit but also inform you of the credit laws concerning your protection as a consumer.

Who We Are

Alpha Omega Credit Repair is your local RGV credit restoration business located in Harlingen, Texas. Our purpose is offering a helping hand to clients and getting to the heart of disputes with creditors to improve the credit profiles of our customer. We aim to assist all of our clients reach their individual objectives. If a client is seeking to improve their credit for noble purposes such as resolution of student loans, qualifying for credit cards, buying a car, or even purchasing a home we will be the ones to help make those dreams a reality through hard work, diligence, and legal know-how.
Our motto is everyone should get another opportunity if they need it! With Alpha Omega Credit Repair you are guaranteed our best service in handling stressful creditors and intimidating credit bureaus. Additionally we will not simply leave you after the job is done, we will also work with you to inform you and teach you the best ways to keep your credit score at its finest!

Our Outlook

Our customers are always our main priority. We know that working toward achieving your dreams isn’t always easy but we constantly operate with excellence to meet your needs quickly and correctly. Another goal of ours is to advance and improve along with the credit business overall, in order to precisely and expertly repair your credit and help you reach your dreams. Alpha Omega Credit Repair keeps up to date with all current credit laws, services, and expertise to make sure you get the best possible service there is. Credit is one of the most important facets of a person’s life. It can be a tool you use to get the thing you want in life or it can be a detriment, and block you from reaching your goals. All our efforts are aimed at fixing your credit and teaching you to use it for your benefit.

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