Frequently asked questions

Common questions and concerns.

General Questions

How Long does it take?

The initial process takes 30-90 days to complete, however we guarantee our services for one year. What this means is if we don’t remove an item within the first 30-90 days we keep working on those items for a whole year if necessary. We haven’t had to work on anyone for the entire year but we are here for you if needed.

Is It Legal?

Every method we use to dispute your credit items with the credit bureaus is 100% legal. The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1996 was designed by Congress to regulate the reporting practices of credit bureaus to ensure that Americans would have accurate credit information. It is completely legal to dispute the accuracy of any items on your credit report especially if those items are not yours or were not made by you.

Do I Still Have to Pay my Debt?

Yes, while these items do not have to appear on your credit report, if a debt is legitimately yours then it has to be paid. You have an obligation to the creditor to pay this debt. We do not endorse running from debt. Alpha Omega Credit Repair has other debt eliminating programs that can free you from the burden of debt. Furthermore, we do not encourage anyone to join our program with the intention of erasing their credit history in order to obtain more credit, to abuse the system, and not live up to their obligations, in hopes we will ‘erase” their credit history again. Alpha Omega’s services should be considered a second chance opportunity for those who are seeking help to get rid of fraudulent credit reports, disputing questionable items, and reclaiming legal and truthful credit information.

Will my Credit Score Improve?

Credit scores are determined by a number of different factors. Payment history, length of activity, time, age, age of accounts and amount owed, (among other factors) all have various effects on your credit scores according to FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation). Credit scores are based upon mathematical equations and no one can know exactly how each credit item directly impacts your individual scores. Based upon the result of thousands of clients we have helped, credit scores have increased from 10 to 100 points. The majority of our clients have seen an increase from 50 to 100 points.

How Long does the Process Take?

The initial process usually takes 30-60 days to complete. If there are any negative items that were not changed in the initial investigation, we will continue to dispute the items. We guarantee our services for one year, which means we will monitor & dispute any negative items for an entire year if necessary. (Although most clients are completely processed within 90 days.)

Will I Have Perfect Credit?

Alpha Omega, nor any other company for that matter, can guarantee you that every negative entry on all credit reports will be removed or corrected. (Be very careful if someone does make these promises.) Our clients have experienced 50% – 100% of negative and inaccurate items corrected or removed from their credit reports. What we can guarantee is one year of dedicated service to work on every credit item that is negatively affecting your credit rating.

Online Questions

Can Items Reappear on my Credit Report?

Although very rare, items that were successfully removed from your credit report can reappear in your credit file. One way this happens if your old collection account information is passed onto a new collection account agency and then the new agency may report the information to the credit bureau. By law, credit bureaus must inform you in writing within five days after an item has reappeared in your credit file. We have had experience handling hundreds of credit reports for our customers, we rarely see items reappear on credit reports. However, if it did happen, we would dispute the items.

I am a Victim of identity theft…What do I do?

Whether its thieves hacking into financial databases or digging through your garbage and gathering the remnants of your personal information, identity theft has become a growing epidemic in America. On the other hand, your credit information can be instantly associated with with another person’s credit file or vice versa. The credit bureau’s method of gathering credit information is far from perfect and they do make mistakes. Stray items, whether intentional or accidental can be removed from your credit file. From filing a police report to contracting the IRS, identity victims must follow certain steps to ensure property recovery.

Working With Our Team

How much does it Cost?

There is a one time fee of $650.00 (no monthly or additional charges) for one year of services.

Can I pay in Payments?

Yes! You can! Payment plans are available!