Loan Help

Loans for Home

4 Keys to a Successful Home Loan

  1. Earnings- Monthly mortgage payments are serious, its crucial that there be enough revenue coming in to meet payments.
  2. Credit Standing- Lenders look at your credit reputation to make sure you can be trusted to make payments on time.
  3. Down Payment- Do you have enough saved to use as a down payment?
  4. Estate Value- how much is the property you are interested in worth?

When planning to buy a home one of your first thoughts should be how your going to pay for it. Its called home financing. To ensure you will be able to afford your home and not break your budget its a very good idea to get your credit in tip-top shape and really draw out a budget you can stick to. We can help you create a plan and teach you about the loan application process and help you go over your credit portfolio. Making sure you do these things will greatly improve your chances that the banks will decide favorably concerning your home loan.

Another thing we can do to improve your odds would be to help you fix up your credit history. If you don’t have a very good payment history then banks won’t be eager to doll out cash for a home loan. If that’s the case we can help you! We have programs for just this sort of thing, no worries. We will have your credit portfolio overhauled and polished off before you know it.

Loans for Vehicle

Car dealerships are designed to entice you. It can be pretty hard to resist a brightly polished perfect piece of engineering when it’s still sporting that new car smell! Its easy to get caught up in the hype and before you know it your saddled with a sky high interest rate and towering monthly payments. That’s why its ever so important to plan out how your going to afford a new car, whether you save up to buy it, give a down payment, or get an extraordinary deal on a car loan because of good credit. When it comes to buying a car its crucial to have your game plan down pact before you ever walk onto the lot.

While car dealerships and salesmen will do a lot to make a sale, that doesn’t mean they are gonna take a chance on someone with poor credit. To get the loan you want at the rate that will be best for you you need to prepare your credit portfolio. The key to getting the best loans is having good credit, that includes car loans. If you ask for a car loan while having a poor credit history the dealership or lender can actually demand 10-15% down payment on the price of the car. If you don’t want to be stuck with outrageous rates or a burdensome down payment then you need to think seriously about sprucing up your credit.

We can make sure you get the best consideration if you ask us for help and guidance concerning your intended car loan application, so you can drive away happy in a dream car you know won’t break the bank.

Loans for Students

Increasing Tuition Rates don’t have to equal Increasing Debt

College can be key to gaining financial stability here in the United States. Going to college can be tough enough without having to worry about the mountain of debt that could be waiting for you when you graduate. Employment is still tough to find these days even for college graduates, and if obtaining a steady income isn’t assured then payment plans for tuition loans can be pretty daunting.

So what do you do after you’ve invested heavily in a future that now seems unsure? Loan Consolidation is what your looking for, and Alpha Omega Credit Repair is just the place to get the help you need! We know the ins and outs of getting all those alarming students loan bills compressed into 1 affordable payment. We can also get you into a government program that could forgive many if not all your student loans if you meet the qualifications.

The best reasons to consolidate:

  • Lower Your Interest Rate
  • Lower Your Monthly Payments
  • Reduce Your Debt To Income Ratio
  • Combine Multiple Student Loans Into One
  • Increased Approval Rate When Obtaining Loans
  • Convert Multiple Installment Loans Into One
  • Improve Your Credit Report

Business Loans

Keys to Business Loan Success

  1. Investment
  2. Debts
  3. Working Capital
  4. Business Methods

Lenders will evaluate you by these 4 main areas of distinction. Like personal loan lenders they just want to make sure if they give you a loan you will be good for it. Businesses have credit histories too, your business portfolio will be made up of information on earnings, debts, timing of repayments on current debts, and the likelihood of being able to repay debts.

You almost assuredly need to invest an equitable amount of money into the business for lenders to take you seriously. They call this Equity Investment, it also includes a ratio of value-to-debt that they get from dividing how much you are asking for in a loan versus how much you put in yourself. If they see you don’t have any stake in your business then it could indicate a high chance you might not pay off your loan. Like in personal loans, if you have too much debt and not enough money coming in (equity) then lenders most likely won’t be willing to take a risk on you.

Working Capital is your present assets in contrast with your present payments and liabilities. It is another key factor taken into consideration by lenders when they evaluate whether they want to give you a loan. Basically your assets minus your payments and liabilities equals the amount left over you can spend on paying things like the loan you are asking for. Another term for assets is collateral, anything you have of value pertaining to your business that the lender may repossess to get their money back if you can’t make payments. Collateral can be anything from your building, equipment, personal belongings or even your home if you put it up as collateral or an asset.

Lastly your business methods, everyday activities, the way you make payments, how you convey or conduct services, or distribute your products to your customers and manage your stock supply are all taken into account when considering your business loan application.

We can provide the assistance you need with the most important parts of your application, your business credit portfolio will be in excellent hands. We can even advise you on how to prepare for the the other factors of your application that you will need to get in order.